Message from Lhatse Rinpoché and Kunga Rinpoche

During the Sakya dawa month of the Tibetan calendar, in 2024 AD, in Paris, the capital of France, the great offering of 100 000 tsok to Padmasambhava was held for the first time. It concluded successfully and auspiciously on May 26th at 6 pm according to the Gregorian calendar. For three days, from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm each day, everyone together practiced the Guru Bum Tsok and completed the number of One Hundred Thousand Tsok using Guru Rinpoche’s inner practice of enlightenment. 

A cumulative number of 5 400 people coming from various countries came to the three-day puja in person, including 30 monks from the four major lineages of Tibetan Buddhism and other lay practitioners living in France and coming from all over the world, including from United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bhutan, mainland China and Hong Kong, all participated in this puja by reciting Guru Rinpoche’s mantra. During the three days of this ceremony, the cumulative number of « Bendza Guru » mantras reached 10 204 249.

All those who participated directly or indirectly in this first Puja of 100,000 tsok to Guru Rinpoche got the merit of reciting 10 204 249 mantras of Guru Rinpoche. These merits can end the disasters of diseases, hunger, and armed strife in this lifetime, and enable us to be reborn in the next life in the auspicious Pure Land Lotus Palace, the coppery mountain of the three bodies, in order to practice the Dharma, in the company of the male and female Vidyadharas and to obtain all the qualities of the stages and paths, one by one, so we can attain ultimate perfection, happiness and all favorable things by accumulating the merits that allow the perfection of good deeds.

Therefore with joy, confidence and happiness, each of us pray to Lord Avalokiteśvara and all the masters who propagate the beneficial Dharma to sentient beings, to dwell in this world and promote the causes of the Bhuddha’s teaching. If all these virtue’s roots are dedicated to sentient beings, living or deceased relatives, they will all benefit from these merits, so let us dedicate them to these loved ones with joy and energy.

Written by His Eminence Lhatse Tulku Padma Ridzin Rinpoche and His Eminence Tulku Kunchok Kunga Chon Nu Rinpoche on May 28th, 2024. Tashi Delek